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Jan 30, 2012 by Sarah Kwong at 5:03pm



Want to see an electrifying, vibrant musical? Respect La Diva is a brand new musical set in the heart of the West End celebrating diva’s of the past and present.

We’re giving away 2 pairs of tickets for you and a friend to see the show every day this week, all you need to do is register on GO City Girl and leave us a COMMENT below telling us who your favourite Diva is and why, including your Twitter ID. Don’t forget to RETWEET!

Each competition closes at 12pm the following day, winners will be announced within the hour.

The good folk at Respect La Diva, have also given us 60% off all ticket purchases through GO City Girl. Click here and enter discount code ‘B60’ to get your diva on!

Read GO City Girl's review of the opening night here.

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All Comments:

  1. Simply the Best

    Tina Turners Great all round performer..twitter too.. @leisuretimedays
    Posted: Sep 29 2011 By: Leah finch
  2. Respect La Diva

    My fave diva is Mariah Carey, such a lovely voice, love all her songs :) twitter name in @sjaom10 xx
    Posted: Sep 24 2011 By: Jolice Mcgee
  3. Respect La Diva

    My favourite Diva is Tina Turner - such attitude, such energy ... and decade after decade too. I hope I haev half her energy when I'm 'sixty plus'!! My Twitter name is @LoveWinning :-)
    Posted: Sep 22 2011 By: Fran Light
  4. Diva

    Twitter name is maysonja Fav Diva is Sade
    Posted: Sep 19 2011 By: Linda Mayson
  5. Respect LaDiva

    Got to be Beyonce, catchy tunes and dances.
    Posted: Sep 19 2011 By: Rhian Purches
  6. Respect LaDiva

    Would love to win tickets. Fingers crossed
    Posted: Sep 18 2011 By: Carol Ash
  7. chris

    Tina Turners powerful voice
    Posted: Sep 17 2011 By: Christine Reid
  8. Respect LaDiva

    Has to be Tina Turner - what a voice - what shoes @sheridarby
    Posted: Sep 17 2011 By: Sheri Darby
  9. katrina cristofoli here from ringwood.

    Dusty springfield is my favourite diva, what a beautiful voice, amazing,,, i love singing, so would love to win these tickets, also my daughters 21st birthday coming up what a surprise i could give her. what a dream. my twitter is aloevera12 thanking you in hope!
    Posted: Sep 17 2011 By: katrina CRISTOFOLI
  10. Respect La Diva

    Diana Ross without a doubt. In my youth (and hers) I 'lived' her songs @carwoo1
    Posted: Sep 16 2011 By: Carolynn Woodland
  11. Respect La Diva

    Biggiest diva must be Diana Ross. remember the Heathrow Airport incident!! @kathrynann1
    Posted: Sep 15 2011 By: Kathryn Casbolt
  12. Respect La Diva

    My favourite diva of all time Shirley Bassey. She is incredible and mesmerizing; a fantastic performer and person.
    Posted: Sep 15 2011 By: Annette Alter
  13. Respect La Diva

    My favourite diva has to be Beyonce. I have always been a fan of her music but after going to her concert in 2009 I was converted to a BIG fan of her and her music! @krmshep
    Posted: Sep 15 2011 By: Kelly Golding
  14. Respect La Diva

    My favourite Diva has to be Tina Turner - I can't even walk in high heels!!
    Posted: Sep 15 2011 By: Sheri Darby
  15. Respect La Diva

    My favourite diva of all time is Elizabeth Taylor, one of the last real ladies of a golden area.
    Posted: Sep 15 2011 By: Irene Maier
  16. respect la diva

    my favourite diva is....wait for it....ME!!!! no, i'm no diva. in fact i'm a pushover who never EVER wants to get her own way...ever. SO GIVE ME THOSE DAMN TICKETS NOW OR I SHALL SCREAM AND SCREAM UNTIL YOU DO!!!! @kushlacat
    Posted: Sep 13 2011 By: Kushla Pope

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