Roundup: Tatler and P-Middy Offend Our Eyes

Jul 5, 2011 by Maria Pierides at 4:09pm


pippa middleton tatler magazine august 2011

This is a definite no-no. There are so many things wrong with this we actually don’t know where to start. We all need to begin somewhere though so let’s make our first point: the fact that the Royal Wedding was months ago and far more recent/better pictures have surfaced. Although we are still obsessed with the Royal couple, Pippa Middleton is not one of them. Even if we did have a small soft spot for her, don’t recycle a three month old picture, Tatler – surely you’re better than that? And what’s with the collage style all around it? Did you run out of ideas or strap lines? Did you commission your bored toddler nieces and nephews to paint a picture for the August cover? We don’t know what you were thinking - clearly you weren’t. And if you were...oh dear.  We’re not going to cancel our subscription based on this one boo-boo but we are monitoring your next cover closely. Don’t let it happen again! Thank you. Regards, the GO Fashion team.  [Vogue]

Three cheers for Blake Lively – she can do no wrong in our eyes and apparently Stella McCartney feels the same way. Hooray! The Gossip Girl star – and if we are to believe tabloid rumours, Mr Leo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend (jealous!) – will become a brand ambassador for the brand in the USA. Just like Leonardo, Blake believes in animal-friendly fashion and struck up a bond with Stella McCartney over their mutual love of vegetarianism, which is what led to their new working relationship. The 23-year-old beauty has recently been posing up a storm in Stella’s designs for a fancy magazine shoot – can’t wait to see it! [My Daily]

kate moss vogue uk british vogue august cover star 2011

A month before she will be the much coveted American Vogue September cover star, Kate Moss is flying the flag for old Blighty and appearing on the UK cover. It’s her first cover as the new Mrs Hince and we can clearly tell that it’s not just her name that’s different. Kate's cover look has avoided the party girl bedhead 'chic' that Mossy is famed for, and has gone all Hollywood icon on us (with some sex appeal thrown in there for the old times, of course). Some bloggers have pointed out that she looks more Kat Hepburn than Kate Moss and we have to say that we totally agree. So much class, and sophistication without losing her sexiness. We so cannot wait to see what Anna Wintour unleashes for the American cover next month. Too excited for words. [Fashion For Lunch]

It’s Haute Couture week and we’ve been lusting after all the recent catwalk outings so far, anticipating the next collection to hit the runway. Although it received some negative comments, we were actually quite pleased with how the Christian Dior show turned out without its Creative Director. John Galliano oversaw every Dior show since 1996 so it was always going to be a strange one without his influence. Good on Bill Gaytten though for holding down the fort – he took a well deserved bow at the end of the show. [Style]

We will stand by any decision to feature hot, famous men in beauty adverts. You may remember us being slightly besotted with Jared Leto’s Hugo Boss advert (and video, which we must have shown you a fair few times) but now we have a new man’s ads to lust after. That man ladies, is Mr Hugh Laurie. Not everyone’s conventional hottie, but judging from these pictures he is definitely our cup of tea and he will do quite nicely. He has been named as the male face of the L’Oreal Paris Men Expert products. We don’t want to say it because it’s cheap and predictable but we can’t help ourselves...he’s so worth it! [Daily Mail]


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