Roundup: Beyonce Makes Grannypants Sexy

Jul 20, 2011 by Maria Pierides at 5:12pm


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Not that we actually need a reason to write about Beyonce, but here is a very good one: She is on the cover of Complex Magazine blowing everyone away with the dreamy combination of a gorgeous face and enviable body. Plus – how on EARTH can anyone make what are essentially Bridget Jones grannypants look so hot?! Now we always expect Bey to pull whatever shoot she does out of the bag, but surely this is a new level of striking beauty that even the lady herself thought would be impossible to achieve? Not only is the cover particularly impressive but the video proves that she is more than just a one-shot wonder. We suspect it took the Complex bosses a hell of a long time to decide which of the millions of great shots Beyonce gave them to use as the cover. Good choice though, guys. [Complex]

Selena Gomez is the latest celebrity babe to get on the fragrance bandwagon. Maybe boyfriend Justin Bieber had a word with her and encouraged her to do it, seeing as how it’s such a huge moneymaker. His fragrance is set to become the year’s best selling perfume by a mile. She’s got a lot of work to do if she is going to beat him, but we can’t imagine she’d see it as a competition. We have a feeling the Biebs will turn up to some of her fragrance launches to give sales a boost; not that she will probably need it – she’s a huge star after all. The one thing that confuses us is why it’s been distributed by Adrenalina – a brand associated primarily with sports. Obviously, Selena’s fit in all senses of the word but we would have thought a higher end brand would have been more fitting. [Coco Perez]

gwyneth paltrow coach ad campaigns advert magazines europe asia 2011

Ever since the all-singing, all-dancing and generally all-amazing Gwyneth Paltrow appeared in our beloved Glee, we’ve been a little bit besotted, hence why we are doubly excited to unveil her Coach adverts. They’re good, you know. Really good. Some people have hinted that they were a tad unimpressed with the pictures as they look a bit amateur but that’s kind of the appeal and why we like them. We’re over the massively Photoshopped  pictures whereby the model has obviously spent about 18 hours in the hair and makeup chair and emerge almost unrecognisable. Shot by Mr Peter Lindbergh, these shots will appear in the European and Asian adverts, with the North American ones yet to be released. As always, we will update you as and when they come through but these make a very good start to what we predict will be a fabulous campaign for Gwynnie to tuck under her belt. [Daily Mail]

Apparently, a very pregnant Victoria Beckham will be on the cover of Elle UK’s September issue. Now we know that the September cover is always the all-important one so if these rumours are true, Elle UK is going to be a very promising contender for providing one of the greatest September covers of the year. Although, of course, we have Kate Moss on American Vogue to look forward to but our Vicky will give her a good fight. Plus, we have no idea what kind of image to look forward to because Victoria Beckham made it quite clear she didn’t want to do a Demi Moore and pose in the naked-clutching-bump manner that so many celebs (including Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera) have since replicated so who knows what angle Victoria and  the Elle team will go for.  [Fashion Foie Gras]

Another video for you now  - we spoil you. Claudia Schiffer’s long awaited cashmere collection is officially on the supermodel's website along with a fabulous video. We really like the video actually – not as we expected but that makes us love it even more. Quite a haunting video we must say – Tim Burton meets Twilight perhaps? Either way, both video and entire collection are a must-see this afternoon. [Grazia]

And finally, Pixie Lott has been signed to Select Model Management joining the likes of Agy Deyn and David Gandy on their impressive books. The singer said: “I've always been surrounded by clothes, and I love fashion and accessorising.  I've learnt a lot about what works and what doesn't, which has helped to build my confidence and interest in fashion. Music and fashion go together well for me as they are both very expressive.” Good on you Pix – not all of us are huge fans of your music but we unanimously agree that your Lipsy collection is fab and can’t wait to see what else you bring to fashion. [Glamour]

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