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Jul 28, 2011 by Maria Pierides at 4:32pm


kesha terry richardson pictures black and white kesha without makeup clean 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, prepare yourselves...any guesses as to who the above buxom blonde beauty is? Would you call us dirty liars if we told you it was Ke$ha? Well dirty is a funny word actually because the usually quite dirty looking singer has wiped off her slap and posed pretty with Terry Richardson. If we are being honest, we love Ke$ha – call it a guilty pleasure –but we never knew such a naturally beautiful girl was lurking underneath. We like! [Buzzfeed]

The rumours of David Beckham collaborating with H&M are true! Guess wifey Beckham isn’t the only one in the family to get a foot in the fashion door.  Mr Becks is set to release a Bodywear range (that’s posh for underwear) in what H&M have called a ‘long term alliance’ – happy days! You can get your man the Becks gear just in time for Valentine’s Day as it will hit 1800 stores in 40 countries from February 2nd. We feel the range should feature a disclaimer along the lines of “you won’t actually BECOME David Beckham upon purchasing and wearing the items”, just to avoid any disappointment. [Glamour] 

rihanna glamour magazine september 2011

A few days ago we showed you the front cover of the first ever September magazine issue for this year and it was none other than Barbadian beauty Rihanna for Glamour magazine. The inside spread of the magazine has now presented itself and just like Ke$ha above, we were very surprised to see Rihanna ditch her trademark style, this time going for an all-out glam look and doing an amazing job of it. Look how pretty she is! [Daily Mail] 

Amy Winehouse had designed various new and unseen collections for Fred Perry and to the delight of Fred Perry and Amy fans alike, they could be released posthumously. Amy’s previous two collections with the brand have understandably been very successful so it’s no wonder Fred Perry are keen to release the three other collections which she designed in advance. She’s no Kate Middleton, but we have a funny feeling the ‘Kate effect’ could well happen and the collection could sell out almost instantly. [Fashion Telegraph]

love magazine supernatural issue chloe moretz elle fanning victorian 2011

Chloe Moretz is positively kicking ass (we love a good pun, sorry guys) on the front cover of Love magazine. The mag rarely treat us to just one cover star and they already unleashed Elle Fanning’s efforts few days ago.  You know it’s inevitable that we will pit the two stars against each other Cover Wars stylie...We do think Chloe’s Victorian-style collar chokes her a tad and we’d prefer to see a bit more flesh (not in THAT kind of way, get your minds out the gutter people) so we are leaning towards Miss Fanning but it’s too close to call. [Fashion Foie Gras]

And is the LAST day to be in with a chance of winning a Methuselah of Belvedere vodka. The competition closes TODAY at 6pm, so get your entries in asap. Hurry, hurry! The winner (picked at random) will be announced in TOMORROW’S Roundup – good luck!

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