Roundup: SEE Kim’s ASSets in 3D!

Aug 3, 2011 by Maria Pierides at 4:38pm


kim kardashian wmb magazine world's most beautiful 3d first cover 2011

Forget your September issues for the minute and pay attention. WMB (that’s World’s Most Beautiful, FYI) have just revealed that they will be releasing the first ever 3D magazine, with none other than Kim Kardashian on the cover. Well if there’s one celeb who you’d like to see popping off the page, Kim and her assets would definitely make the shortlist. So what do you think? Do you think it’s worth investing in some 3D specs to see Kim come at you from all angles? Even if it was just 2D like these pics, the shots are breathtaking. [Kim Kardashian Celeb Buzz]

kim kardashian wmb magazine world's most beautiful 2011 3d issue

This may be a controversial decision given THAT Royal Wedding Hat, but The Accessories Council has just presented Philip Treacy with the coveted Designer of the Year award! Not too shabby considering all of the backlash from Princess Bea’s pretzel/toilet seat hat. Philip Treacy now joins the likes of fashion Gods Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs as a recipient of the coveted title, so congrats are in order! We may joke about Bea’s hat, but there’s a reason he is the go-to hat man for the royals, and let’s not forget the wonderful work he did with Alexander Mcqueen before his untimely passing. Well done, Phil.  [Handbag]

Please excuse our blatant gushing about Kate Middleton – we are all about the national pride lately. Our Duchess of Cambridge has made Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed list and we couldn’t be happier for her. Gaga was acknowledged in the “fashion originals” category – standard – while the Obamas were recognised for their fashion as a single unit rather than individually. Aww. Although if thems the rules, we think Kate and Wills should have got a mention too as they always complement each other outfit-wise. [The Cut] 

 marie claire us september issue 2011 sarah jessica parker

Yesterday we couldn’t sing Anne Hathaway’s praises enough as she covered our Marie Claire magazine and now it seems that US Marie Claire are also on the ball with their September cover stars. It’s a good month for that publication isn’t it? When we heard SJP would be fronting their September issue, we were sceptical. Not because we don’t believe Sarah Jessica Parker is cover material but because Vogue did such a good job of it a mere month ago we weren’t sure they would be able to top it, let along come close. Again, we’re happy to admit that we were wrong because this front cover is amazing. The colours are so rich and although it looks like their resident Photoshopper fell asleep hovering above the airbrush tool, it showcases SJP’s unconventional beauty. [Huffington Post]

What is with all the London robberies these days? Not long ago, some pesky thieves ran off with copious amounts of Jimmy Choo gear as they robbed the store in almost broad daylight,and now some swag bag robbers have tried their hand at stealing from Chanel. We’re glad to see that they weren’t so lucky. One of the suspected robbers was injured as police swooped in, just in the nick of time as he tried to break into Mayfair’s Chanel store. [This Is London]

demi moore ann taylor autumn winter 2011

And finally...let’s check out these snaps of Demi Moore modelling for Ann Taylor’s A/W campaigns.  It’s hard to believe she’s 48 years old but then again, she is married to Ashton Kutcher so he must be keeping her young! Look at her go! Looking a bit on the skinny side but that may be the result of vigorous Photoshopping. Either way...gorgeous. [Fashion Foie Gras]

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