GO Get It: Moschino Double Strap Watch

Aug 24, 2011 by Michelle Lewis at 9:52am


asos moschino watch

I believe I’ve said it before but hell, I’m going to say it again. I love watches. I love everything about them, they’re functional, pretty (if you buy the good ones), keep me punctual (ish) and are always a talking point. Watches are more interesting than bracelets and I swear I get more compliments about my wrist attire than anything else.

The second love of my life is a bit more obscure. I love objects which have duel functions. A dress you can wear 5 ways? Send it over, baby. Even if 4/5 looks are hideous - it’s the principle that I admire. I can bet you now that I would never take the scarf attachment of this watch off. But the fact I can? Thank you Moschino, you have answered my prayers.

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