GO Get It: Asos Cropped Blazer

Sep 12, 2011 by Sarah Kwong at 8:35am


asos cropped blazer

Perhaps it's my pechant for jackets that has provoked the spilling of cereal down my blouse right this second. I love jackets, yet don't seem to own many. Of course this is going to change having seen the most ideal blazer, ever. I know, blazers are everywhere in all sorts of amazing hues and shades, and whilst we will always remain true to our favourite blazers, this season sees the rise of the cropped jacket. Don't think this rule is just meant for denim or plaid, it includes trusty blazers too. This black ASOS number is perfect to go with anything. Paired with skinny jeans, white tee and black Chelsea boots, the blazer equal a cool night out, whilst teaming it with a cute skirt and blouse says 'workwear'. It also comes in bright blue, should you fancy erring on 'quirky'.

Tags:  asos, cropped blazer, fashion, go get it

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