The Perfect Girly Shopping Day Out

Nov 7, 2011 by Natalie Miller at 12:30pm


shopping day out

We are craving a day out shopping! As an online fashion editor, you don’t always have time to go out to the shops; instead, we trawl through the online websites searching for the best high street items for your wardrobes.

With the winter collections appearing in the shops, we have all agreed that it’s time we had a proper shopping day out! We’re not just talking a wander round the shops, buying a few delectable items and then going home- oh no! We are talking about the whole shebang.

Get up early, be on Oxford Street for 9am; coffee in Costa at 11am; more shopping; lunch in M&S Cafe at 1pm; lots more shopping; dinner at Zizzi at 6.30pm; last minute shopping; back to a friend’s house to put on our party dresses and finally out to a Spanish club for a super-girly night out!

Sound like something you need too? GO City Girl tells you which high street shops are our favourite and why you should love them too!

girl shopping

Loves Zara, Mango, Pull &Bear and Forever 21!
Why? Because their winter collections are always totally on-trend and the price range is perfect. I particularly love Forever 21, because if you choose the right things, it’s great for quality, fashion-forward pieces.
Shoes: Aldo is my number one favourite shoe shop. They offer everything from pumps to super high platforms- you can’t go wrong!

Natalie:Loves H&M, Next and Miss Selfridge
Why? H&M always have new collections coming into the store, and offer a wide variety of winter colours from black to bright orange which makes it a great store to shop in. Next, which has been a no-go for me in past years has finally got a designer who knows what women want, and there are some great pieces to be had! Miss Selfridge is the affordable Topshop and is good for party dresses.
Shoes: New Look is where I go for shoes. With extremely reasonable prices and an outstanding shoe collection, it is my haven!

selfridges window display Christmas 2011

Loves Topshop and Charity shops
Why? If you want something from a charity shop it means you actually have to go out and get it, so it becomes a shopping day anyway! There are some great pieces in perfect condition, and it is so good when you find something amazing, for something like £4! Topshop, as it always has been, provides everything you could possibly want, and it really suits my style.
Shoes: I’m with Alice; Aldo makes good quality, fashion-forward shoes which are reliable and beautiful.

Aby:Loves designer brands!
Why? The clothes made by top designer brands are of excellent quality, and you can tell if a dress was expensive because of the way the fabric hangs on the body. I love Hermes and Christian Louboutin.
Shoes: Christian Louboutin makes the most comfortable shoes; I have a pair of leopard print shoes boots which are amazing! I also like Zara shoes, but wait for their winter collection because it’s always better than their autumn one.

So, if you’re stuck in an office or just craving a shopping day out like we are, then head to these shops and create the perfect winter wardrobe.

P.S- Check out the window displays of the big department stores; Selfridges have just unveiled their winter windows and they are an amazing sight to see!

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