GO See It? Review: The Rum Diary

Nov 18, 2011 by Nicola Ratcliff at 11:55am


The Rum Diaries, Johnny depp, movies, celebrity, november 2011

Thank the lord! Johnny Depp is back on our screens! And he's not donned a huge orange wig or giant scissors for hands for this time. He plays journalist Paul Kemp in this adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's book of the same name. Set in the supposed paradise isle of Peurto Rico, the film follows the rather turbulant life of Kemp and his new found buddies on the island.

Johnny Depp, The rum diaries, movies, celebritys, red car, famous, gossip, go out, november 2011

I thought the dialogue was witty and very self-aware which added an enjoyable layer of irony, while also incorporating some more obvious physical comedy. I found 'The Rum Diary' to be quite easy viewing, pretty to look at, blessed as it is with the beautiful back drop of Peurto Rico, and with quite a clear cut plot.

However there was depth to it, brought by the complex character of Paul Kemp himself. Not an easy to read man, he manages to keep the film intriguing from start to finish.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and would recommend it. It does a good job of drawing attention to some of the issues of the so called American Dream in all its complexity but still manages to maintain a totally accessible storyline; ideal if you want something to give you a little food for thought, but not to be sniffed at if all you're looking for is the chance to have a giggle and revel at the beauty of Mr. Depp at the same time!

Check it out here!

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