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Nov 28, 2011 by Naomi Axe at 12:42pm


Carom, Soho, indian cuisine

If you make your way down to the cobbled and crowded streets of Soho, there is an Indian restaurant called Carom. The deceivingly spacious venue not only serves the finest of Indian food but it has also brought the enchanting colours, textures and tantalising sensuality of India to the heart of London.

This isn’t just a meal- it’s an experience. It’s uber cool, expecting to see S.J.P and her girls at any minute, you can sit at the bar that swerves around one side of the restaurant and sip on cocktails which make you go ‘mmmmm’ on first sip, or there’s the chill out area...

With colourful materials decorating the ceiling and candles lighting every table, it’s buzzing with a vibrant energy. Friends are all sat laughing, and chatting as soft beats play in the background – every now and then a waiter over at the kitchen bar will smoothly play the bongo’s.

carom, indian restaurant, november 2011

The music, décor, staff and ambiance are all geared perfectly to make it a place that let’s you truly get lost in the vibe and enjoy good company, great drinks and even better food…And we haven’t even got to the restaurant.

With the use of colourful, smooth sheer sheets to separate sections and provide intimacy yet maintain a sense of unity, the space is perfectly put together.  For your meal you can sit at tables or in booths at the back - every seat is a good seat.

carom food, november 2011, soho, review

The menu is made of three main sections; Favourites, Tandoor-Clay Oven and Curry. The charismatic staff know the menu and are passionate about the food. The recommendation is that you share two dishes from each section…because the portions are slightly smaller than usual, this enables you to try an array of creations and still have room for desert! (which you’ll want to have)

Each regional dish holds it’s own, every spice, herb, sauce, meat and vegetable is combined and cooked to perfection. Some restaurants you sit to talk while you eat – at Carom you sit to eat while you talk about the food.

The refreshing thing about the menu is that in every dish there is a favourite, something you have tried or have wanted to try- but with a twist.

carom restaurant, november 2011

From Lucknowi Lamb Kebab, Anglo Indian fish cakes, Salmon ‘Hariyali’ mint coriander and lime leaf to Sea Bass ‘Kerala’– the menu is a delectable fusion of some of your favourite foods combined with regional flare from towns throughout India.

With dishes ranging from £5 to £10  it’s a chance for your palette to expand to more tantalising heights, even the garlic naan is worth talking about …

carom restaurant, november 2011

If you are planning a night out and want somewhere where the atmosphere, service and venue is equally as important as the food – when you don’t wish to compromise on any of the key ingredients to a good night or meal out – then Carom is where you should go. Class, culture, cool, charm and most importantly – taste sensations all under one roof- what more could you ask for?

Call Carom restaurant on 020 7314 4002 to book a table...

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