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Jun 24, 2011 by Michelle Lewis at 3:51pm


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Listen up ladies! The very generous people over at are offering 10 lucky GO City Girl readers an amazing competition prize - VIP access to THE sample sale of the year.

Top designers who will be at the sale include: Vivienne Westwood, Viktor & Rolf, See by Chloe, Burberry, Prada, YSL and Cavalli. 

Each VIP ticket (worth £25) ensures you skip the long, arduous queue with fast track access and with your £5 discount voucher you can get shopping straight away. You’re also instantly entered into DSUK’s raffle to win a fabulous Gianfranco Ferrè bag worth £359!

The sale is on the 8th and 9th of July, so mark the date and keep your fingers crossed!

How to enter:

To win tell us your most desired fashion item and why. Whether it’s a ‘money-can’t-buy’ item, e.g. Audrey Hepburn’s infamous Breakfast at Tiffany’s black dress or the Chanel quilted clutch you’ve always wanted but could never quite afford; let us know in the comments below and don't forget to include a URL link to your item!

Competition details: £5 voucher only active when over £100 is spent. Winners must arrive between 12 - 8pm on Friday and 11 - 6pm on Saturday for entry. Venue: Chelsea Old Town Hall, King's Road, Kensington and Chelsea, London, SW3 5EE. Closing date is 6th July, 11.59pm.

GO Fashion will be picking the 10 best coveted items as winners, so be creative!

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All Comments:

  1. Military Jacket

    Ever since I fell in love with The Libertines, or specifically Carl Barat from The Libertines, I wanted a Military Jacket! Unfortunately I don't have the frame or height to pull one off so it will remain a coveted item forever!
    Posted: Jul 07 2011 By: Michelle Lewis
  2. Kylies Hot Pants

    Wish I could fiy in them !
    Posted: Jul 06 2011 By: Lisa Anderson
  3. shirley baseys wardrobe

    this may be a bit random....or even before most peoples time..... but I remember my mum letting me stay up late on a school night to watch the SHirley basey show..... cause every week she would come on stage with most amazing dresses...... it was her trade mark.... to change as many times as humanly possible ..... I belive there was even a show in its own right just about her wardrobe.... she has a HUGE warehouse for all her dresses,shoes,bags etc; I distintly remember having massive clothes envy.... even at such a tender age xc
    Posted: Jul 06 2011 By: Candice Mallen
  4. The mysterious pink ruffle dress

    I came across this photo on the internet and just drawn to it instantly. Tried really hard looking up online to find out the brand of it or where this photo came from but never got the answer. I am not sure if its the pink, the ruffles, the corset, the super long trail with a mini skirt front that's melting me or the fact that I do not even know where to look for it that made me want it so much. But this, is definitely my wedding dress!!!
    Posted: Jul 05 2011 By: Samantha Cheng
  5. Whistles 'Carrie Skirt'

    I know everybody's over wanting to be SJP in Sex and the City, but one thing I will never get over (apart from the closet, and the apartment, and fine, all of it) is her gorgeous skirts. When Whistles brought out the beautiful chiffon pleated skirts in baby blue, lemon yellow and dusty pink, in both above-the-knee AND calf lengths, I felt a bit sick with glee. They're sold out online and in the stores I've popped into. I am still currently feeling sick, but now it's more with disappointment. Sigh.
    Posted: Jul 01 2011 By: Sarah Kwong
  6. Louis Vuitton and Richard Prince Monogrammed Joke Bag

    It was October 2007 and I was the tender age of 15 when I first saw the Vuitton Prince collaboration. It was in the Sunday magazine, a double page spread of six models spread on the hood of a vintage car, holding absolute works of art. I’d always liked clothes and dressing up but this is when my love for fashion fully came into play. It was also then that I realised a. They were only a pipe dream, I could never afford one. And b. I loved Louis Vuitton. Further exploration lead me to the amazing catwalk show- those nurses transfixed me. I want one of these bags more than anything and unfortunately I’m all too aware that the longer I leave it, the higher the price. Maybe when I’m 80 I’ll be sitting in my rocking chair, clutching my monogrammed joke bag and whittling on about the old days. In fact, that seems good to me.
    Posted: Jun 30 2011 By: Brooke Green
  7. Hervé Léger Ariele striped halter dress

    Ever since Cheryl Cole stepped out wearing this gorgeous dress tailored by angels sent from heaven eating dinner at my one of my favourite restaurants Nobu, London, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. Since then I've been scouring the internet high and low for a replica of this beautiful Hervé Léger creation but alas nothing came close to the beauty that is this Ariele striped halter dress. I'm heavily considering not eating or drinking or consuming anything until I save up enough money to buy that dress....
    Posted: Jun 29 2011 By: Alice Chan
  8. It's got to be a pair of Louboutins, surely? I remember seeing a pair of sky-high, bright pink peeptoes with the iconic red sole several years ago and having feelings of lust no man could ever match. One day all the shoes in my wardrobe will be Louboutins, and I can die safe in the knowledge that I did something worthwhile with my life.
    Posted: Jun 27 2011 By: Cass James
  9. Hermes Kelly

    I have always wanted an Hermes Kelly, it is an elegant classic and for me, a lover of quality. Hermes still handcrafts their bags just as they did years ago. A true artisan product
    Posted: Jun 27 2011 By: Emma Glass
  10. Balenciaga

    Since I was old enough to read Vogue, finally since I was 12. I want a bag and only one, but it is not the last bag topshop ... too easy! I want the Balenciaga "Giant City", I can not say why but I want it in black, in red, blue maybe yellow and pink too! okay I admit I want them all .... that is my fashion dream. To realize my dream I have two options: study at school, and cross my fingers... in doubt I do both!
    Posted: Jun 24 2011 By: Charlotte Imbert
  11. Chanel Blazer

    What is it about Chanel that I love. It must be that the clothes are so elegant and timeless, they scream out luxury. From since I was 16 I just wanted to have the elegance that is Chanel, I'd kill (only kidding) just to wear a Chanel blazer even for an hour. If I won the lottery the first thing I would buy wold be a Chanel blazer, so simple but very classy, my dream would be to own one.
    Posted: Jun 24 2011 By: Pamela Hughes

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