Women Sing Their Support For Obama

Oct 24, 2012 by Ellie Gibbons at 12:39pm


As the presidential campaign continues and Mitt Romney blunders on with his intentions to set women’s rights back by fifty years or so, a new PSA video has been released in support of Barack Obama.

Thanks to the work of Sarah Sophie Flicker - filmmaker, trapeze artist, mother, law school graduate and leader of The Citizens Band (a political cabaret group), this video promotes a powerful message conveyed by some of America’s most talented and well-known female faces.

Introduced by Lesley Gore, the short film features a selection of formidable young talent singing Gore’s 1964 pro-feminist hit You Don’t Own Me. Singing into their webcams, we see wunderkind and Girls creator Lena Dunham, DJ Tennessee Thomas, Tavi Gevinson, the creator of Rookie (the ten feminist online magazine), Lula magazine creator Leith Clark, Alexa Chung, writer Miranda July, actresses Zoe Kravitz, Rain Phoenix and Mae Whitman – bands Au Revior Simone and Chapin Sisters, and designers Tracy Ellis Ross and Melissa Coker; amongst others.

Gore ends the film with the statement; “It’s hard for me to believe, but we’re still fighting for the same things we were then [in 1964]. Yes, ladies, we’ve got to come together. Get out there and vote, and protect our bodies. They’re ours! Please vote.”

Flicker has said of her decision to make the video; “I'm struck by the fact that we are teetering dangerously close to a situation where my daughter won't have the same rights I've enjoyed my entire life--and that scares the heck out of me. Women constituted 60 percent of the last election’s voters. We can win this thing. We just have to agitate, motivate, and get out the darn vote!”

The backlash against Romney comes from his desire to end funding for Planned Parenthood and overturn Roe V Wade (the judgement that made abortion legal), and his lack of support for same sex marriage and, shockingly, equal pay for women.

Okay, so we’re know this is happening across the pond, but, if we were voting, it would definitely be for Obama – the idea that a man who so clearly has such outdated views on women’s rights could potentially become the President of one of the most powerful countries in the world is, quite frankly, frightening.

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