Relationships: How Do I Tell Him I Am Ready?

Mar 20, 2012 by Naomi Axe at 1:17pm


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Dear GO City Girl,

I have been dating my new man for two weeks now, and we are yet to have sexy times together. I initially told him that I wanted to take things slow but at this rate there will be cobwebs downstairs before we get frisky. We have stayed over with each other and gone on many dates, but he hasn’t made any serious moves yet. How do I let him know that I want to take things to the next level without him thinking I am easy and a total hypocrite?

Yours kindly,
Keen for some actionx

Dear Keen For Some Action,

Firstly, we hardly think he’ll think you are easy or a hypocrite if you initiate sex – in fact, he’ll most likely think you are awesome. Here are a few do/do not’s to ensure you and your man embark on your sexual journey on the right foot…

Do: Wear some seriously sexy underwear to the next sleepover – Nothing says ‘I want to show you my sex face’ more than sexy underwear.

Don’t: Turn up to his with an electric buzzer attached to each nipple and tell him ‘Push the button’ whilst panting heavily in his ear.

Do: Send him a slightly provocative text whilst he’s at work saying something like: ‘I keep thinking about a dream I had about us last night…’

Don’t: Text : ‘I have a surprise for you’. And all of a sudden jump out from under his desk where you have been hiding all night in anticipation of his arrival…naked, covered in arrows that point to your lady bits.

Do: Suggest going to dinner and having a few wines – there’s nothing like a bit of dutch courage to break down barriers and help assist hot sex.

Don’t: Turn up to his house off your trolley and balling your eyes out about how you are worried he doesn’t like you and that he needs to prove his does by sleeping with you, with your hands around his neck shaking the poor lad vigorously.

If all else fails, tell him you appreciate how he’s been patient and that you are ready to take things to the next level, as long as your not strapped to a battery, in his boot or strangling him- you should be just fine.

Happy Humping,


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