Round Up: Tulisa's Got The Sex Factor!

Mar 20, 2012 by Jemma Cooper at 5:39pm


tulisa sex video

X factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos has been caught up in yet another sex related scandal. Last time she was caught with a vibrator at the airport, but this scandal is worse. Oh so much worse! She’s been caught on film performing a sex act, and it’s not pretty!

The six minute video was released on Monday morning, available to download for £3.90 and has caused a social media frenzy ever since. Like vultures to a carcass everyone has been clamouring to catch a glimpse of this lewd video. It is only been today that Tulisa’s lawyers have put in place an injunction to ban circulation of the video, not that it’s been successful we’ve still managed to see it, and boy do we wish we hadn’t!

tulisa sex tape with Fazer

The video was taken on a male’s Blackberry phone and was definitely before her X Factor make over that made her a Cheryl Cole look a-like. However, she venomously denies that she was the female in the video saying she "categorically never allowed anyone to film her having sex". Have you seen the video Tulisa?! Or do you have an identical twin sister we know nothing about?

At least it’ll boost the singer’s album sales with the likes of Dizzee Rascal already, ahem, backing her. “Just watched the video…Definitely buying the album” he said on Twitter. That’s one way to guarantee a place in the charts I guess?

tulisa x factor sex scandal

However, Dappy has thrown the video’s authenticity by implying it was Tulisa’a ex Fazer who leaked the footage, yet again on Twitter by saying, "SECOND OF ALL, THAT WAS MORE THAN THREE YEARS AGO WHEN FAZER TOOK THEM PICS..THIS IS SIMPLY @IamFazer TRYING 2 GET @officaltulisa BACK! NUFF SAID![sic]"Whatever the authenticity, I hope this doesn’t carry on, I don’t think I can write so many improper names in one piece. You get me bruv? Nuff said.

justin bieber, celebrities

This is one of those photo shoots where I can hear young girls all over the world crying out in dismay at the state of their teenage heart throb as he takes a good pummelling. But don’t panic you lovely ladies! It’s all for show, Justin Bieber was not harmed in the making of these photos. Unfortunately.

justin bieber, celebrities

The singing child sensation that is Justin Bieber took part in this photo shoot for Complex magazine recently to shed his child star image and reputation. The shoot is meant to play on a violent metaphor for fighting back against fame, apparently. Our un-artistic minds just saw a bloody Bieber who looks as if he’s just done ten rounds with Mike Tyson, or perhaps a little kitty cat. As let’s face it, the boy’s about as tough as my Nan.

justin bieber, celebrities

This photo shoot was also an attempt to look every inch the man and shed that boy like image now he’s officially a man at the grand old age of 18. Which means, he’s only just old enough to watch films with this kind of content, let alone star in a shoot like it. Did someone OK this with his Mum beforehand?

justin bieber, celebrities

Although, the shoot gives off a good boy gone bad kind of image to his fans, to the majority of us it screams irritating Bieber has now gone off the scale in the annoying stakes. And speaking of steak, I can’t even begin to comprehend the reasoning behind this image. Bieber, you really are just too cool.

jon hamm, celebrities

Jon Hamm Takes No Prisoners:
We’ve all shot off our mouths and blackened someone’s name with a perhaps undeserving character assasination.  But usually when we’re faced with the impact of our comments on the victim, our conscience and awareness of the potentially harmful effect of our words causes most normal people to retract them and apologise. 

kim kardashian, celebrities

But not Jon Hamm.  Nope.  After he publicly referred to Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton as ' f***ing idiots' in April's Elle UK magazine , he has refused to retract his statement.  Whilst Kardashian called the comment ‘careless’ earlier this month, Hamm has stood his ground in his response.  He told The Today Show this morning that: 'I don’t think [my comments] were careless. I think they were accurate.' Ouch.  Wow, why don’t you tell us what you REALLY think Hamm. 

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