Round Up:Tulisa's Sex Tape Confession!

Mar 22, 2012 by Jemma Cooper at 5:54pm


Tulisa's sex tape

In a five minute monologue posted on You Tube yesterday N-Dubz star Tulisa, made a personal confession that is was in fact her on that illicit sex tape that we saw storm the internet from Monday morning onwards. The singer said that she is ‘devastated’ and has ‘been in bits for the past few days’, and who wouldn’t be? No one expects some one they’ve loved and trusted to exploit them like that. We have massive respect for the singer for her confession to the entire world.

Tulisa and Fazer sex tape

However, it was the person who leaked the video that was a mystery to us, but it has been revealed that it was an ex boyfriend of the star’s. No, it wasn’t Fazer (that was our first thought too!) but Garage MC Justin ‘Ultra’ Edwards who she dated on and off back when she was just 17. Maybe she was a little too naïve, young and impressionable?

In her monologue she stated 'Justin is someone who I was seeing from the age of 17 off and on for many years. I practically moved in with him, I loved him deeply, had a lot of respect for him, we talked about kids and marriage. I got my record label to give him a singles deal. I never expected a scenario like this.'

Tulisa's ex boyfriend sex tape

The release of this tape has been looming for 6 months with her ex threatening to leak it onto the internet to either ruin her career or make some money off of the singer’s misery and humiliation. And we say shame on you Justin! You’re too low for even the dogs to bite! Keep that head held high Tulisa, he’s the one to come out of this looking like a douche!

See Tulisa's full personal confession here!

 jamie hince and kate moss

She’s usually the epitome of aspirational glamour.  Women want to be her, men want to be on her.  But let’s bear in mind that Kate Moss usually has a whole team of designers, stylists, hair and make-up swooning over her every mood.  So what happens when she’s left to her own devices? 

kate moss trouser down

Seems the world acclaimed supermodel can’t even do up her own trousers!  Pictured here Kate strolls carelessly through Primrose Hill alongside husband Jamie Hince. So carelessly that she seems to have forgotten about her fly.  There are a million men the world over who would pay big bucks to catch a glimpse of Kate crotch but here she seems to be giving it all away for free!

So my question is, what can we blame for Kate’s crotchy gait?  Has the supermodel just popped behind a bush to relieve herself? Or do we think her and Mr Hince have been up to something a little more sultry on the Primrose streets?

madonna, lady gaga, celebrities

Since Lady Gaga’s launch allegations have been made time and time again that she is a Madonna copy cat.  But let’s face it, Madonna has reigned as Queen Of Pop for the last two decades.  Unless Lady Gaga grew up under a rock, it’d be hard for her to escape the incredible impact and influence that Madonna has had over modern pop music. 

lady gaga, madonna, celebrities

But now the tables have turned, with Gaga supporters naming Madonna as the copycat!  Madonna’s latest clip ‘Girl Gone Wild’ is thought to be strikingly Gaga-esque in its depiction of Madonna crying black tears and rolling around in tights and stilettos with a gaggle of hot hunks, as Wonderland magazine tweeted ‘We don’t know who is being who anymore’.

Of course both the ladies respective fans are up in arms, with outraged tweets flying with superhuman speed across the social networking platform.  But here at GO City Girl we think it’s all a bit silly.  Can’t we just enjoy the work of both diva’s without indulging in a schoolyard squabble of ‘wwaaaahh, she copied me!"

Check out the squabbling girls here!

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