Round Up: Una's Embarrassment Revealed

May 14, 2012 by Amelia Saw at 5:57pm


katy perry and russell barnd

What happens when the guy who stamped on, stabbed and completely shattered your heart admits that he was a little too hasty in his actions? Nothing – as he is dead to you right (or so you make out). So from what we gather, regretful Russell Brand has made attempts to get back in touch with his ex wife Katy Perry after royally screwing her over.


Russell, who has obviously woken up to the fact that Katy’s not only smoking hot, sings about snogging girls and often rolls around in candyfloss and whipped cream- is obviously realising that the grass isn’t always greener. After ‘reaching out’ to the 'I Kissed A Girl' singer via email, and receiving no response, Russell has gone and done what every emotionally mature man would do – he’s un-followed her on Twitter. What does that say? Something along the lines of – ‘I love you, I am sorry – but if you dare cause me one ounce of the embarrassment or heartache I caused you then, well- I’ll run for the hills!’


Well keep running Russ as we are not sure if Katy’s concerned with being one follower down as she has a legion of over 19 million people who follow her on the social networking site. Plus, we are pretty sure she is too busy lip locking with Florence Welsh’s drummer...

ben fodden

When pictures of Ben Foden naked onstage at his stag do started circling around the internet, his wife and Saturdays’ singer Una Healy was surprisingly forgiving. 

“It was unfortunate the whole world got to see him having fun. I think it is funny and I have no problem with it”, She told the press at the time.  But now, less than a month later the singer has commented that the incident was in fact considerably upsetting. 

“It did upset me when I saw it,” Una told The Mirror. “I was embarrassed for him. It was humiliating. We’d just had the baby, it was unnecessarily emotional for me.”

ben fodden

The pictures were apparently taken by another stag of Welsh men.  Whilst Una reveals that she is not overly annoyed with her husband:

“He didn’t technically do anything wrong. It looked bad. At the same time, I don’t need to see that”, She did admit that she was particularly disgruntled with the men that took and circulated the pictures: “It really annoys me. They don’t realise... it’s quite tough for me and Ben. If they realised what hurt they put us through at the time, they mightn’t have done it.”

Una however recognises how much of a ‘fantastic dad’ Ben is to their newborn daughter, and the couple still seems solid despite the upheaval of the incident.

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