Be Your Own Boss: Easier Than You Think!

Nov 14, 2011 by Naomi Axe at 3:33pm


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When speaking to Tim Campbell winner of The Apprentice in 2005, founder of Bright Ideas Trust and key speaker at The British Library Global Entrepreneurship Event this week, who do you think the successful Entrepreneur quoted?  None other than the late, great and totally iconic karate guru Mr. Miyagi.

At one point in the classic film The Karate Kid, Daniel San is attempting to learn karate by reading a book, to which Mr. Miyagi wisely comments -  'You can’t learn karate by reading about karate, you learn karate by doing karate'.

This week is Global Entrepreneurship Week and Tim Campbell, winner of The Apprentice, will be at the forefront of the British Library Global Entrepreneurship Week Events.

Tim shared with GO City Girl his nuggets of wisdom on what it takes to start your own business, the mentality that goes with being an entrepreneur and why it is definitely something more women should be looking into.

Did you know that the key aspect that separates men from women in business is confidence? Men tend to ask for too much and over sell, and women do not ask for enough and undersell.

With Tim’s expert knowledge yet practical manner, we were able to learn that it does not have to be all or nothing when it comes to business. That you do not have to quit your day job, move back to your mother's and live off of beans until you start to make a profit. The Entrepreneur expressed how he is not a fan of the ‘all or nothing’ approach to business.

That it can be done ‘easily and with a lot less stress if you gradually implement changes in your life’.  Keep your 9-5 for the financial security and then make your business venture your 5-9, until the financial income starts to supersede that of your day job.

According to Tim ‘Weigh up risks, make sensible decisions and understand there is no guarantee of success’.

It is this realistic and practical approach that makes being your own boss seem far more achievable than ever before.

How many times have you racked your brain for a unique, individual, ‘never been done before’ idea? You can now breath a sigh of relief as according to the man-in-the-know, it is far less complicated than we make it.

Instead of trying to think of the ‘next best thing’ Tim suggests to ‘‘look closer to home, look at what you are good at and what there is that you can get others excited about’’.

It is about taking something that has already been done and making it ‘better, faster, and easier to use than its predecessor’.

From our conversation I could sense that Tim is a man that walks the walk; there were no cheesy quotes or dreamy wafty anecdotes, but real advice coming from personal experience and determination.

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To gain more insight from some of the most successful and influential people in British Business today, click here to book tickets to the event and get all the details.

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