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Dec 14, 2010 by at 1:27pm


Silver coated jumper H&M Trend, Skirt H&M, Nail polish AA, Cuff Mango.
I have been craving for this baby for a while.
When it first came out, I had it in my hand, loved it but somehow left the store without it.
Of course, not long after that, the jumper was hunting me in my dreams and I knew I had to go back and get it.
And of course, then they were all sold out.
Luckily, the sweetheart Lathifa who works at H&M searched for it all over the country and three days ago, with a lot of luck she founded one, the last one, in my size!
I couldn't be happier, it's so rich and different.
To accentuate futurism, I wore it with my big cuff and printed skirt.
Tried to shoot outside, but it's a "missione impossible" due the cold especially when you want to show off your jumper.
Look at the future as an open book, ready to be written with your pen.

Tags:  fashion, knitwear, styling

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